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With the help of our volunteers, we follow a roadmap to introduce our services.

We first start by building teams. We get to know the expertise of our new members and empower them with all the needed knowledge and support.

Then comes exploration. We start by collecting online information about the countries to start the on-ground exploration.
On-ground exploration takes one year. By the end of this year, we will know the country’s needs and which areas we will be able to serve.

The third stage is building a reputation. During this stage, we consistently send out medical and educational missions. We are almost sending 80 missions a year.
We settled on the best location for the service residency as well.

Stage four is the presence in the country. By this stage, we’d have at least one resident volunteer and established services. Missions are sent out to help the resident volunteers execute the community development projects.
Stage five is having a Coptic church. At this stage, we have a priest and a church in the country.

The final stage is an empowered church. At this stage, the church would serve the community spiritually, socially, educationally, and medically if possible.

Today, we have 58 resident volunteers and 19 residencies and 14 rented places including 13 registered NGOs

And this is when our big dream begins!
To have several self-sustainable projects up and running in each country