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St. Paul Coptic Medical Service

We Care For All Nations

We Care For Most Specialties

Our vision is to alleviate human suffering everywhere

We Go For Distant Villages

We also supply the medications.


Today, we have five running clinics and an online clinic offering patients free consultations.

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St. Paul medical services is a global charity organization belonging to the Coptic Orthodox Church. We have a network of professional healthcare providers willing to deliver necessary medical care to the most unprivileged population all over the world.

We provide medical care to deprived individuals worldwide through a global network of volunteer healthcare professionals (HCPs). We equally serve people from all nationalities, religions, races, colors, and genders.

  • Surgeries
  • Consultations
  • Health Awareness
  • Community Health Workers
  • Medical education


To be part of the solution for the world’s suffering by working hand in hand with other organizations, institutions and governments.

We engage medical personnels from all over the world to help achieve our vision.


How do we achieve our vision?

Our approach to achieve our vision is based on four axes:

1. Medical Missions
2. Surgical Camps & training local staff.
3. Community healthcare workers projects.
4. Increase health awareness among community.

Medical Missions

Provide efficient free medical care in most specialties by well qualified doctors.
Using all possible high technology portable equipments to guarantee the highest possible level of care. We reach the faraway underprivileged villages.

We go to the faraway villages and make clinics with full supply of all essential medications

Surgical Camps

Through our highly qualified consultants we provide surgical services in equipped hospital to perform unusual complicated surgical procedures that are out of capability of local staff. Also we train the local staff to help them perform their work in more safe and efficient level.

We send our highly qualified teams to perform complicated surgery that are out of scope of local staff and help to train them.

We only need just essentially equipped operating theatre to serve people in distant areas where there is no experience to do major surgical interventions.

One of the most common practices of our Orthopedic surgeons is to correct neglected complicated conditions.

Due to lack of specialized doctors in most African countries myriad of trauma patients develop badly complicated conditions of Malunion fractures that adversely affect quality of life of many trauma victims.

Training of Local Staff
One of our priorities in surgical camps is to train the local staff of the hospital.
Community Health Care Workers
This is one of our priority projects to help maintain the minimum standards of medical care in deprived areas.
Community Health Care System
We are working hard to implement this system in many African and Asian countries that have difficulties for people to easily access medical services.
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Value of Community Healthcare Workers Projects

Our aim from this project:

  1. Increase number of healthcare providers.

  2. Increase reach of healthcare services to remote areas.

  3. Decrease cost of health services to acceptable levels.

Health Awareness Programs

  • We are working on health awareness initiatives for the commonly endemic diseases in Africa.
  • The African region carries a disproportionately high share of the global malaria burden.
  • In 2020, Africa was home to 95% of malaria cases and 96% of malaria deaths all over the world. Children under 5 accounted for about 80% of all malaria deaths in Africa.
  • So we focus on increasing health awareness for such highly lethal problems.
  • It’s mandatory to face the trans African fatal problem of malaria.
  • Bad hygiene and fatal diarrheal diseases are one of the most challenging problems for our vision in Africa and we work hard for that.
  • The bad local hygienic conditions of many communities of Africa is our main enemy and our long lasting war that need continued health awareness.

Our Global Achievements of Medical Missions

Medical Missions through period from 2011 to 2022.

Latin America

Why we are focusing on Africa?

If there is one area that vividly sums up Africa’s development challenges, it is the field of health.

Lack of access to basic health care, mostly caused by poor funding, contributes to millions of deaths, untold suffering, and harrowing health tragedies on the continent every year.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Africa carries 25% of the world’s disease burden, but its share of global health expenditures is less than 1%.

• Worse still, it manufactures only a fraction of less than 2% of medicines consumed on the continent.

• A majority of Africans, mostly the poor and those in the middle-income bracket, rely on under-funded public health facilities, while a small minority has access to well-funded, quality private health care.

Our African Service Destinations

1. South Sudan
2. Cape Verde
3. Cameron
4. Liberia
5. Togo
6. Namibia
7. Malawi
8. Madagascar
9. Botswan
10.Ivory Coast
13.Burkina Faso

Our Asian Service Destinations

At present time we are serving 11 Asian destinations and looking forward to expand our services to more countries.

1. Nepal
2. India
3. Sri Lanka
4. Bangaldish
5. Myanmar
6. Laos
7. Cambodia
8. Vietnam
9. Malaysia
10. Philippine
11. South Korea

Aligning with the sustainable development goals and understanding the underlying targets, we focus on good health and well-being icon We sent 150 medical missions to several countries with more than 500 doctors in many medical specialties. The missions served 70,000 patients through free consultations, medications, and surgeries. 

Today, we have five running clinics and an online clinic offering patients free consultations. We aim to increase the number of medical centers and mobile clinics.We hold health awareness sessions on HIV, malaria, alcohol intake, and adolescent births. We also focus on providing safe drinking water in countries struggling with this issue.


Medical Missions
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