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Media Projects

Media Projects

Coptic Prayers

Bible & Agbeya in many languages


Uplifting Affirmations & Diary

Change your thoughts into new, positive ones that fit you. See yourself as God sees you. Boost your mood. Sort your feelings, upgrade to your healthiest self, and

Feature list:

Elevating affirmations that fit you.
 Feelings Tracker.
Happy Moments Diary
Gratefulness list.
Customized themes.

ُُTrueness Planner

First Inspirational Coptic Planner

Feature list:

✔ Mood and habit tracker.

✔ Daily inspirations.

✔ Prayer and meditation.

✔ Professional work tips.

✔ Light weight.

✔ Non-dated daily planner.

✔ Start anytime of the year.

Trueness planner is the first inspirational coptic planner. This planner could be just the seed to help you plan better and reach a better version of yourself. Please note that it is a fundraising project for St. Paul Coptic Service to help our service in all the countries. Thanks for helping!

What am I here for? Why do we all exist? We’re all here on a mission. We just need to STOP, THINK, and SEEK to know the answer. You should try to focus on your spiritual, psychological, social, professional, and intellectual aspects so you can live a beautiful, blessed life, as we have always learned from our Coptic Orthodox Church teachings. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)