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Media Projects

Media Projects

Coptic Prayers

Bible & Agbeya in many languages


Uplifting Affirmations & Diary

Feature list:

Elevating affirmations that fit you.
 Feelings Tracker.
Happy Moments Diary
Gratefulness list.
Customized themes.

ُُTrueness Planner

First Inspirational Coptic Planner

Feature list:

✔ Mood and habit tracker.

✔ Daily inspirations.

✔ Prayer and meditation.

✔ Professional work tips.

✔ Light weight.

✔ Non-dated daily planner.

✔ Start anytime of the year.

Trueness planner is the first inspirational coptic planner. This planner could be just the seed to help you plan better and reach a better version of yourself. Please note that it is a fundraising project for St. Paul Coptic Service to help our service in all the countries. Thanks for helping!

What am I here for? Why do we all exist? We’re all here on a mission. We just need to STOP, THINK, and SEEK to know the answer. You should try to focus on your spiritual, psychological, social, professional, and intellectual aspects so you can live a beautiful, blessed life, as we have always learned from our Coptic Orthodox Church teachings. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)