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Restart Function

Shape who you are

Restart Function was founded in 2020. It is a service function for St. Paul Coptic service based in Cairo, Egypt. It delivers life coaching services in the field of personal development for child, teen, youth, women, and family all over the world.

Vision & Mission

Empowering society with simple, rapid, and effective techniques everyone can use that can truly change one’s life.

Facilitating customized awareness activities targeting all age groups and several cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our team will equip and motivate people with lots of practical solutions in several fields, to guide themselves and others toward a successful and proactive role in the community. Through a creative programs and workshops.

The mission of Restart services lay on three main pillars namely, problem recognition, practical ways to change, and fixing relationships with others. These aspects encompass interactive workshops / lectures covering a range of topics (details below).

Development Journey

Shape who you are

Develop the team to overcome the common challenges in the daily life that can shape better life journey.

Stress Management

During this journey

Audience will get introduced to different sources of stress that they may be facing and causing them stress without knowing.

By the end of the journey they will know how to deal with stress, having faith in God will reduce stress.

Sources of Hope

This topic help audience

Practice methods to increase their level of hope.

Stay cheerful about future.

Know that God is the main source of hope.

Do’s and Don’t

Lot of people have dreams but, little reach to their targets.

This topic will help them

Addresses those who give up easily on their dreams and fail in all assigned tasks.

Help them identify the reasons behind the problem.

Teach them how to achieve any target.

Successful Life

Being successful is hard but it is achievable, during this journey;

Audience get aware with the importance of having a target.

Work on achieving the target and succeed through learning keys that help them be successful.

Living Thankful Life, as God is always doing the best.

Conflict Resolution

Having conflict with others is a common situation

I need to know when I stand for my opinion and when I need to accept different opinion and ideas.

How can I deal with different type of conflicts through different approaches.


Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

When to Say No, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life.

Boundaries with my-self and boundaries with others.


Being confidence is the energy to shape the future, we help audience to;

Assess their self-confidence level, in the mean of how much they accept and trust in themselves and have self-control in their life.

Let them know the enemies that limit being confident in themselves and how to heal from each.

This will shape a generation believe in their capabilities, vision, future, etc.

Blind Spot

I can't see it

Addresses people who feel lost in life.

Help them find the reason behind the problem.

Teach them ways to avoid the blind spots in their life.

Factors for being a great leader

Leadership is the capacity to translate a vision into reality.

Addresses youth to help them become great leader.

Help them discover the reasons behind the leader failure

Teach them factors that makes a great leader.

Our missions

Through the years

1st Mission


21st of October, 2021
Out of the Shell
Primary School Kids (Grade 4,5 &6)

2nd Mission


25th of December, 2021
Blind Spots

3rd Mission


19th of March, 2022
Conflict Resolution

Restart Team are flexible to tailor the development journey as per the audience needs and schedule availability.

4th Mission


2nd of April, 2022
Blind Spots
Kafr El Khier

5th Mission


13th of May, 2022
Blind Spots
Damietta Youth

6th Mission


11th of June 2022
Sudanese Got Talents
Sudanese Preparatory School Girls 

Restart team are flexible to deliver the service online or face to face, as per the service needs, either in stations rotational base or lecture base.

7th Mission


2nd of July, 2022
Blind Spots
Beila -Kafr El Sheikh 

8th Mission


17th of September 2022
Sudanese Got Talents
Sudanese Preparatory School Boys.

9th Mission


22nd of October, 2022
Stress Management
Old Damietta