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November 2012
1ST Mission

The Coptic Orthodox service started in Uganda with an exploratory mission in November 2012

June 2013
2nd Mission

Building strong ties with

    1. Greek Orthodox and Angelical Churches.
    2. Communities leaders.
    3. Local government counsel.
    4. Number of local NGOs.
    5. Egyptian diplomatic mission.
2014 - 2015
  1. Reaching to thouthands of Ugandan kids and families with our service
  2. Reaching to different areas in Uganda.
  3. Basing our main activities in three locations Kampla, Busimbatia and Sesse Islands 
May 2016
Renting a Mission House
June 2016
Registering “life with purpose” NGO
July 2016
HG Bishop Antonios Markos Visit
March 2017
Registering Land for the Church
July 2017
HG Bishop Antonios Markos visit for lying the Cornerstone of the church
January 2018
Registering The Coptic Church in Uganda

Church Construction and drawing

Ordaining Deacons
Ordaining a resident Priest “Father Raphael”





Service Locations


Our Focus

1. Medical Missions


Specifications covered:

  • Dental
  • GP
  • Eyes
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedic
  • Dermatology 


  • Hernia
  • Cataract 

Missing/needed specifications: 

  • Optical
  • GP 
  • Pharmacist 
  • Pediatrics
  • Dental
  • Dermatologist

Educational Service

Leaderships skills course

Was presented to 400 students in 5 different schools

Leadership skills and Team work course

Were taught to 2000 students in 10 different schools.

Time Management, Peace and conflict part 1

Team work & stress management courses were taught to 5960 students in different 24 schools.

Peace and conflict part 2

Stress management, Constructive and Destructive Behaviors courses were taught to 6370 students in 25 schools.

Peer pressure, Peace and conflict part 3

Peer pressure, Peace and conflict part 3&4, Be proactive, Setting priorities & Active listening courses were taught to 6000 students in 25 schools.

Peace and conflict 5

Peace and conflict 5&6 & Honesty courses were taught to 6890 students in 26 schools.

Team work courses

Peace and conflict 5&6 & Team work courses were taught to
3990 students in 15 schools.

Development Projects

Yogurt project

Paper Bags

Sweing Project


  • The service in the Center is as follows:

    1. Sunday School for Ugandans
    2. Summer School
    3. Booklet ( check Booklet description)
    4. English Courses
    5. Arts program
    6. Chess School
    7. Sports program
    8. Women Development
    9. Bible Study
    10. Crafts
    11. Yogurt factory
  • We help people learn and develop some other skills, our center in Kampala offers and arrange music, crafts and sports courses.

  • We still have more to achieve including:
    • Medical Center
    • Coptic School
    • Get a new center in Sessse island 
    • proceed in the construction of our church faster especially that now we have a resident Priest (F. Raphael)
    • More residents 
    • Finish more Booklets and develop them to be used in our church support program.
    • Develop new center activities 
    • reach new areas 
    • Develop our service for our surrounding community as they will be the church congregation. 

Spiritual Service

  • Spiritual program for churches, orphanages and different communities and organizations.
  • School program.
  • Spiritual days and events
  • Catechumens classes and trips. 
  • Sunday school for Ugandans.
  • Sunday schools for Egyptians.
  • Ugandan servants of partners’ churches meetings.
  • Orphanages services
  • Prisons services.
  • hospitals services.
  • elders home visits.
  • refugee settlement.
  • services for special needs
  • services for Egyptians.
  • Christmas choir and celebrations.
  • church support programs.

We plan, manage and implement our activities under the the following programs

  • Weekly communion
  • Our ugandan servants meetings with country Fathers 
  • Catechumens
    • Catechumens classes
    • Parents Meeting.
    • Catechumens trips, spirituals days and conferences
  • Kids and Families
    • Sunday school.
    • Home visitations service
    • Bible Studies
    • Booklet (its purpose is to let the children and youth get to know more about the bible stories and implement the Christian Orthodox values in them)
    • Egyptian Family meeting
    • Sunday School for the Egyptian kids
    • Summer School
    • English Courses
    • Arts program
    • Chess School
    • Sports program
    • Christmas choir and celebrations
  • Gonza books
  • School program
  • Church Support
    • Spiritual program for ugandan local churches, orphanages and different communities and organizations.
    • Spiritual days and events
    • Ugandan partners churches’ servants meetings
  • Helping Hand
    • Orphanages services
    • Prisons services
    • hospitals services
    • elders home visits
    • refugee settlement
    • services for special needs

These activities are covered all year long through residents or/and periodical through missions.

We serve many Angelican, Greek Orthodox and Penticostal churches, during our missions, where the number of the attendees has increased throughout the years to reach thousands.

Every mission consists of a main topic that is covered by a drama, a part from the Bible and a spiritual preparation with practical lessons learned for each age group

In Christmas Missions we add to our mission preparations many Christmas spiritual songs.