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South Sudan


Be Perfect

“Therefore you shall be perfect just as your father in heaven is perfect” MAT 5:48


Be Perfect

Our vision is to deliver teenagers safely to reveal their own identities .. achieving the best version of themselves, thus diverting them from being served to “Perfect” servants and future apostles.


Empower, Establish, Enrich

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Based in South Sudan, “Life with a Purpose” (LWP) is a national NGO, established in 2015. 

We aim to develop the lives of South Sudanese people in terms of different life aspects. 

Our Vision is to develop a fully sustainable outreach program that serves a broad area in South Sudan to qualify young people to pursue various careers through educational and developmental training.

Our Mission

  1. Improving the state and quality of medical services provided in South Sudan.

  2. Building many developmental projects that will help teach young youth certain skills needed in the job market. 

  3. Providing the older youth with soft skills and leadership training that will enable them to be leaders in educational and social institutions in the long term.

Life with a Purpose

Social Services

The current social development activities during our missions in South Sudan involve the following:

  1. Playing indoor and outdoor games with children: it not only brings them joy, but helps them bond, understand teamwork, and become more active. 
  2. Engaging them in artistic crafts, handwork, and coloring, which enhances their creativity and develops their imagination. 
  3. Presenting small sketches and other forms of visual aids to make stories and topics presented more vivid and engaging for children. 
  4. Engaging young people in musical sessions where they sing along to instruments or pre-recorded music: this has already developed a musical passion in many. 
  5. Discussing spiritual and social awareness topics with youth, such as marriage and relationships.
  6. Discussing spiritual and social topics tailored for women to enhance their sense of self and value in society and inspire them to be ambitious and productive members of their societies. 
  7. Conducting storytelling sessions for children, which include stories that delve into moral and ethical codes as well as a positive spiritual outcome. 
  8. Creating customized courses for the elder youth to enrich their soft skills, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills: through these courses, they can assist in running the programs with the missionaries, and by time and practice, they can handle teaching kids and holding activity and storytelling sessions with them alone, which will build towards creating the fully sustainable development program that we envision. 

Medical Missions

1. Missions dedicated to eye examinations and operations.

2. Medical conferences at the College of Nursing and Midwifery in Juba Teaching Hospitals, where doctors, nurses, and midwifes attended.

3. A total of 20 medical missions sent out to Juba.

States We Are Covering in South Sudan

  1. Juba
  2. Wau
  3. Yirol
  4. Gogrial
States We Are Covering in South Sudan: Juba- Wau – Yirol- Gogrial

Number of Beneficiaries Served

Our Partners

Protocol of cooperation with

  1. St. Paul Medical Services
  2. South Sudan Ministry of Health
  3. Coptic Orthodox Bishopric of Khartoum and Republic of South Sudan
  4. Protocol of cooperation with Coptic Orthodox Church