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Cape Verde


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Medical Missions
1st Mission
November 2016

First mission was on November 2016, exploring many places and meeting with the representatives of the Catholic and Protestant churches, and the representatives of the ministry of health to collect data about the papers needed for the medical missions

1st Medical Mission
April 2017
    • Places we served in: Central Hospital in Praia, Trafal, Fogo
    • Number of patients served per specialty:
      • Pediatrician: about 500 patients
      • Dentist: 75 Patients
    • Free medication for all the patients
2nd Medical Mission
July 2017
  • Places we served in Nazarene Church in Praia, Fogo & Brave
  • Number of patients served per specialty:
  • Pediatrician about 700 children, 50 dentists. 
  • Free medication for all the patients.
3rd Medical Mission
September 2017
  • Places we served in: Central Hospital in Praia, Nazarene Church in Praia, Caritas, Brava, Terra Chapeau.
  • Number of patients served per specialty:
    • Ophthalmologist 400 Patients & 8 operations,
    • Internal medicine 50 Patients,
    • Dentist 75 Patients.
4th Medical Mission
November 2017
  • Places we served in: Praia, Fogo, Brava
    • Dentist 300 Patients , Gynacologist 300 patients , Cardiologist 400 patients.
1st Place
  • After researches, Brava was the best place to implement community health workers program but after facing a lot of problem it stopped, so we shifted our place of service to Fogo.
  • change our place of service near the capital Praia
  • We had many people that knew about our church and still serving with us.
5th Mission
January 2018
    • Places we served in: Brava only
    • Orthopedic 390 Patients. 
    • Dentist 270 Patients.
6th Mission
February 2018
    • Dentist 150 Patients.
    • Orthopedic 80 Patients.
    • One of St. Paul team doctor Wadie Ramsis stayed in Brava since 15th of January 2018 as a resident doctor to reach all the needy people and help them , will find below some of many cases that suffer from the lack of medical service or wrong treatment.
    • Free medication for all the patients.  
1st Educational Mission
April 2018
  • First educational mission  in schools  was in April 2018 in schools and we prepared as a team a curriculum to be used in each mission with the important topics needed by the community as alcoholism, depression, nutrition, early pregnancy, self awareness…
  • Teaching women handicrafts like crochet and providing them with the materials needed.
  • Topics Covered:
    • Premarital Sex
    • Single Mothers
7th Mission
May 2018
  • Fogo and Brava 
    • Ophthalmologist 
    • Dentist 
    • Orthopedic 
    • Pharmacists
    • Anesthesiologist 
    • Gynecologist 
    • Urologist
  • Surgical mission in Sao Filipe hospital and clinics in Brava and awareness sessions in schools
8th Mission
July 2018
  • Medical Service
    • Gynecologist 
    • Dentist 
    • Pharmacist 
  • Public health supporter
  • Awareness courses in Brava
  • CHWs project implementation 
9th Mission
September 2018
  • Surgical mission in Fogo 
    1. Dermatologist 
    2. Dentist in Brava 
    3. Anesthesiologist
    4.  General surgeon

    5.  Plastic surgeon

  • All under the supervision of the ministry of health and after having licenses for all the doctors ?So our main target is to fulfill medical and educational need.
  • And planning for a surgical mission on next January.
  • Finally we finished the papers of our NGO
  • Proceeding in the church registration
10th Mission
January 2019
  • Fogo , Brava and Praia 
  • General Practitioner 45 Patient
  • Dentist 115 Patient 
  • General + Vascular Surgeries 36 Patient
  • Cardiology 140 Patient


11th Mission
June 2019
  • in Fogo and Praia
    • Dentist 
    • Ophthalmologist
    • Cardiologist 
  • Sessions in Schools about healthy relationships
  • Medical Screening to the students
12th Mission
September 2019
  • Medical service in Fogo, Brava and Praia 
    • General Surgeon 
    • Anesthesiologist 
    • 2 Dentist 357 Patient and 7 Surgeries
    • General Practitioner 200 Patient
    • Orthopedic 150 Patient and 6 surgeries
    • Otolaryngologist 300 Patients
  • Sessions in Santa Crochet shelter in San Tiego
  • Sessions About Alcoholism
  • Self Awareness and positive attitude
  • Early Pregnancy
  • Nutrition


Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz

We agreed that Santa Cruz will be by God’s grace our center according to the researches done by the team and the exploration mission done by 2 members of our team ,we found that the main project will be agricultural, and development center


Providing efficient free medical care for unfortunate people through well-qualified non-surgical physicians with portable equipment


We are planning to start this project to help communities increase the number of health care providers, improve access to health care in outlying areas, decreasing the cost of health services.


Providing efficient free medical care for unfortunate people through well-qualified surgical physicians with portable equipment in any hospital that can offer us an operating room


Providing efficient free medical care for unfortunate people through well-qualified non-surgical physicians with portable equipment


Providing social & medical skills courses for example: Communication, leadership, soft-skills and more.

Educational Missions History

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