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1st Mission
April 2017​

Objectives :
– Explore Angola and find opportunities
– Meet Egyptian ambassador there
– Build relations with catholic hospitals and churches.
– WHO meeting

2nd mission (1st medical mission)
July 2017

Objectives :
– Meet the ministry of health with JRS representative Father Celestino
– Build relation with UN
– Serve in hospital Geral de Angola through screening and providing free medications
– Introduce some spiritual activities

Number of Missionaries: 5 

3rd Mission
November 2017

Objectives :
– Screen more than 1200 patients (Dundo) and offer free medications
– Operate 9 surgeries
– Build strategic relationship with UN
– Introduce some bible stories with some crafts.
– Teaching some nurses about neonatology.

Number of Missionaries: 6 

4th Mission
April 2018

Objectives :
– Meetings with ministry of health and WHO
– Meetings in BONGANI COMP., GROUP ASAS comp.

Number of Missionaries: 2

5th Mission
November 2018

Objectives :
– Screen 848 patients (Camela), and offer free medications
– Teach some health awareness.

Number of Missionaries: 5

6th Mission
April 2019

Objectives :
– Screen 848 patients (Camela), and offer free medications
– Teach some health awareness.

Number of Missionaries: 4


A) In keeping with SDGs 4 and 5 (quality education and gender equality), Our focus is always on the following:

  1. Reducing gender-based violence and domestic abuse in the community
  2. Providing access to high-quality education in reputable schools
  3. Providing young women social, medical, and psychological support to ensure balanced personal development and growth

(B) In 2019, reacting to the pandemic, we decided to expand the community-based services of the foundation to include SDG 3 (health and well-being), which focuses on

  • Sending out medical missions and field exposure to other facilities and institutions serving disadvantaged populations and key populations, and disaster response activities during the time of the pandemic
  • Sustainable developmental activities to improve the quality of life for the Filipinos, with emphasis on equity and dignity 
  • Comprehensive health, social, and economic development activities
  • Prioritizing marginalized and disadvantaged communities and populations: we are committed to working with marginalized communities, improving their lives, alleviating their suffering, and developing a vision for change that will make a meaningful difference in their lives.