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We’re Saint Paul Coptic Service of Egypt. Our aim is to serve anyone in need. 

Besides helping our community in Egypt, we started outreaching communities in need in Africa and Asia in 2008. Coming from a developing country, we know how to work with similar communities in Africa and Asia. We understand that each community has its own needs. And there is value in connecting communities with those facing similar issues, who developed relevant solutions.

We’ve set our hearts on providing such communities with empowerment and resilience. Partnering with governments, civil society, and local communities, we work towards achieving UN sustainable development goals. And we empower local communities to take ownership of the goals. 

With a special focus on health and education, we now help 22 African and 13 Asian countries.


Engaging people to Christ, on the foundation of the Christian Orthodox faith according to the Holy Tradition of the Coptic Church through serving all people, targeting all aspects of their life.



We cooperate with governments and relevant organizations to enhance lives and provide communities with empowerment and resilience through working on sustainable development goals.

We work to realize SDGs no. 3, 4, and 5 (good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, respectively) and empower local communities to take ownership of these goals.


We believe that volunteering reflects the diversity in society. Our volunteers come from diversified social and cultural backgrounds and different fields of study and, most importantly, span a wide age range, which helps build a solid service.

We especially focus on encouraging youth to join our service based on our solid belief that youth are a cornerstone in realizing the SDGs. An increasing number of young volunteers are joining since we started out. 

More than 1500 volunteers went on several missions with St Paul Coptic Service till now. 

With the help of our volunteers, we follow a roadmap to introduce our services.



With the help of our volunteers, we follow a roadmap to introduce our services.

We first start by building teams. We get to know the expertise of our new members and empower them with all the needed knowledge and support.

Then comes exploration. We start by collecting online information about the countries to start the on-ground exploration.
On-ground exploration takes one year. By the end of this year, we will know the country’s needs and which areas we will be able to serve.

The third stage is building a reputation. During this stage, we consistently send out medical and educational missions. We are almost sending 80 missions a year.
We settled on the best location for the service residency as well.

Stage four is the presence in the country. By this stage, we’d have at least one resident volunteer and established services. Missions are sent out to help the resident volunteers execute the community development projects.
Stage five is having a Coptic church. At this stage, we have a priest and a church in the country.

The final stage is an empowered church. At this stage, the church would serve the community spiritually, socially, educationally, and medically if possible.

Today, we have 58 resident volunteers and 19 residencies and 14 rented places including 13 registered NGOs

And this is when our big dream begins!
To have several self-sustainable projects up and running in each country

The Message of the Founder

Lord, What do you want me to do?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever wondered saying: what am I doing with my life? Why do I exist? What is my life all about? What legacy will I leave behind when my time is over?
We always need to pray to find the perfect will of God in our lives, this prayer can change many things, if you just pray for a moment asking God’s guidance before any matter, you will see things differently.
We need to exercise all the time on this prayer:
“Show me Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths” (Psa 25: 4)
We are all called for a great mission in this life, we all need to discover something meaningful to live for. We are not here just to make a living; we are here to make A DIFFERENCE! Working for changing lives makes a lasting impact in the world because change is the miracle taking place every instant!

Fr. Daoud Lamei ~ Service Founder


First Mission
First Mission To Sudan, After An Invite From HG Bishop Bakhomious.
2nd Mission
First Mission To South Africa, After An Invite From HG Bishop Antonious Morkos.
The Start Of St. Paul Courses At St. Mark Church Heliopolis.
The Blessing Of H.H Late Pope Shenouda For The Spread Of St. Paul Service In Many Countries In Africa.
The Start Of Sending Resident Servants Consecrated For Evangelism.
The Blessings Of H.H Late Pope Shenouda III To Start The Service In Asia.
The First Medical Mission To Africa
The Start Of St. Paul School, To Equip And Help Our Volunteers On Personal Transformation And Acquisition Of Essential Skills For The Sake Of Evangelism.
The Start Of St. Paul School, To Equip And Help Our Volunteers On Personal Transformation And Acquisition Of Essential Skills For The Sake Of Evangelism.
The Start Of Evangelism Conferences Specially For Monks.
The Start Of Evangelism Classes In Other Provinces Outside St. Mark And Outside Cairo.
The Start Of St Paul Online Evangelism Servants’ Preparation Courses.
The Start Of St. Paul Remote Classes In Europe, USA, Canada And Australia.
The Blessings Of H.H Pope Tawadrous II To Start St. Paul Institute For Ministry Studies “SPIMS”, To Provide The Church With A Candidate Who Is Well Equipped With Spirituality And Church Knowledge, To Be Able To Give An Answer For The Reason Of Hope That Is In Us.
Ordination Of Bishops For Evangelism.