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Aligning with the sustainable development goals and understanding the underlying targets, we focus on good health and well-being icon We sent 150 medical missions to several countries with more than 500 doctors in many medical specialties. The missions served 70,000 patients through free consultations, medications, and surgeries. 

Today, we have five running clinics and an online clinic offering patients free consultations. We aim to increase the number of medical centers and mobile clinics.We hold health awareness sessions on HIV, malaria, alcohol intake, and adolescent births. We also focus on providing safe drinking water in countries struggling with this issue.

To achieve quality education, we focus on literacy and ICT skills to train local teachers to be qualified. We provide not only academical curriculums but also life and skills and anti-violence programs.

Currently, we have four on-ground schools including one vocational school. We offer vocational and entrepreneurship programs to empower youth to find employment or launch their own small projects.

We also target gender equality. We work on empowering women with knowledge and vocational skills to help them increase their income. Raising awareness against sexual and domestic violence is another target area. We are proud of our official shelter that rehabilitates individuals subjected to human trafficking in Asia.